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What is this?
This is an electronic version of the Risk Assessment document from the Farm Safety Code of Practice, i.e. the Code of Practice for Preventing Injury and ill Health in Agriculture. It allows you to fill in and save the risk assessment electronically. It will store your risk assessment which you can look at and update at any time by logging onto

If you have to log out before you complete the risk assessment document your work will be saved and it will bring you back to the same stage when you log back in. When complete and you set out what you need to take action on you can print out your farm safety action plan.

What is the Farm Safety Risk Assessment?
The Farmers Risk Assessment is a tool provided by the Health and Safety Authority to help you make your farm a safer place.

Completing and implementing the findings of this Farm Safety Risk Assessment will help you to meet your duties under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005.